Who pays the cost of the stolen electricity ?

Many persons are up in arms with the JPS for its recently announced actions to cut electricity to areas, where there is a high rate of electricity theft.

Most persons feel the actions of the JPS in not justified as the good should not suffer for the bad and their point is noted and this leads to ask this question.

If you happen to be in a car with three men and the car is pulled over by the police and an illegal firearm or drugs, what is likely to occur?

Everyone in that car is going to be arrested and charged for illegal possession of firearm and or drugs, even if you were not aware of the presence of these items in the car.

I may have been a bit over the top here, but is this not very similar ?

How can a company be losing 70% of it product to theft and keep prices low while trying to remain viable ?

I would hazard a educated guess that my electricity bill is 10% higher that it should be due to the number of people stealing electricity and these folks are being supported by the community,  community leaders and politicians.

Its no longer a matter of affordability for many, the fact is the great majority of those stealing and NOT doing so because the cannot pay, instead the are stealing because in their twisted mind, the service should be free of cost.

They do not turn off the lights in the days, AC runs with windows open, music plays none stop and TV is on even when no one is watching, but no, they ought not to pay for the commodity.

The problem oftheft is this country so pervasive, that when this new  381 mW  plant comes on stream and electricity cost goes down, people will still steal as they have no intention of reducing their consumption pattern in order to ensure the can pay something.

I sympathize with the JPS on this one,  given this is a battle that is very difficult to win and many Jamaicans rich and poor are in support of electricity theft.




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  1. CAPRI says out bills are about US$0.10 higher that it should be, which means that electricity theft makes my bil 25% higher and 2.5 times times the 10% I used above.

    So given this FACT, if any company is able to deliver energy to the grid at say $0.16 per kWh we still would have to add 25% to that figure to arrive at a final price of electricity to the paying public. !


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