Beware of analyst parading as being “independent” knights in shining armour

Public affairs analyst, Martin Henry, is warning Jamaicans to beware of non-governmental organisations which parade themselves as what he calls knights in shining armour, undermining the Constitution.

 Henry made the comment as he acknowledged what he says is rising trend of people less tolerant of corruption in the public sector.

However, the analyst says the public has to guard against individuals and organisations that are assuming rights and responsibilities of governance which belong to elected officials.

 According to Henry, the public should not encourage this trend especially because civil society organisations are not accountable to the public.

Source, Jamaica Gleaner May 12, 2014.


The fact is our analysts are far from being independent and has the very same flaws they are warning people about.

Why did I not hear from Martin Henry before about the vocal civil society groups?

I see no civil society groups trying to usurp the power of the elected officials instead what I am seeing now is civil society trying to hold the government of the day to a higher standard much to the annoyance of many including the so called “independent” analyst .

Between 2007 and 2011 the JLP  feet were  held to the fire by civil society groups, which resulted in the resignation or removal of power from the following persons.

  1. Mike Henry
  2. Dorothy Lightbourne
  3. James Roberson
  4. Bruce Golding.

All these were removed by the power of the very civil society groups parading as knights in shining armour. If they were good back then, why are they bad now, that is the question I would want for Mr Henry to answer.



4 Responses

  1. He is just protecting his “trough”.

    • That was rough, I am not so sure, but one thing I know is we have to be mindful of what we read from many of these “independent” commentators and analyst .

      • Martin Henry is one of the few commentators in Jamaica who is worth my time and what he is saying actually makes sense. There are number of persons in civil society who want to force politicians to act, although these persons were not elected lead, encouraging accountability is good, but the people of Jamaica did not elect civil society groups to lead. Furthermore, these groups are not interested in serious investigation, they only publicise matters which are important to the public and this cannot be good. A number of corrupt activities occur at government agencies and the Auditor General usually highlights them in her yearly reports, but these topics are too mundane and when your only purpose is to seek attention then you will pay attention to issues which are more sensational.

  2. May 20, 2014???? A bit ahead of our time Jay! But I do agree with you and Sam Sharpe’s statements regarding Martin Henry.

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