Andrew Holness’s lack of imagination, costing the JLP dearly !

Andrew Holness is not acting like a smart politician at all and his general approach to this 381 MW project for example is not what I had expected. Mr Holness was given a grand opportunity by the inept Energy Minister but has bungled the process badly and has not gained the political mileage he was hoping to achieve thus far.

Mr Holness repeated attempt to characterise himself as a man of discipline in suggesting that had Paulwell been in his party, he would have been fired is going nowhere. His call to “fire” Paulwell is gaining no traction and has been deflated by very slick maneuvering by the PNP.

Andrew Holness and his team may want to instead take the non direct approach to the issue and may want to suggest instead to the public that Phillip Paulwell still remains in charge of the project by virtue of certain laws as they currently stand.

The JLP may instead of shouting for Paulwell’s resignation, show up the lie that was presented in the house last week by asking some questions of the Prime Minister as I have outlined in most recent post ” What is the role of the enterprise team.

To defeat your opponent, you have to outmanoeuvre them and beat them at their own game.




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