The PNP seems to have an “Old Boy” for every job !

As one look around you cannot help but wonder, with the pool of “talent” the PNP is able to pull from for every job that becomes available or has been created, why Jamaica is not in a better place today.

PNP operatives are leading almost every public sector body and even after they have long retired they keep appearing as soon as something needs to be done, is that not amazing.

Look at the most recent appointments.

  1. Burchell White – UTECH , soon to be PNP-TEK
  2. Dr Vin Lawrence – PNP stalwart to head up enterprise team for 381 MW Project
  3. Alston Steward- PNP stalwart, he will partner Vin Lawrence for the 381 MW Project.
  4. Easton Douglas – National Housing Trust
  5. Mrs Webber – NHC before she was removed.
  6. Colin Campbell – Scandal ridden from the Trafigura Scandal – PNP operative and Managing Director JUTC
  7. Garnet Roper – Chairman – JUTC
  8. KD Knight – Chairman -UDC

Kern Spencer — Oh, just wait soon hear there will be a job for him too. 🙂


Yes sir, there is always a PNP “Old Boy or woman” for every job.



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