PNP Councillors in May Pen parish council are an embrassment to the country

As I watched the news last night on TVJ, I was almost brought to tears and close to weeping  for the people of Jamaica as I listened to some councillors berating the Contractor General for allegedly snubbing the disgraced Mayor , Sean Branswell .

One councillor said ( I am paraphrasing him) ”  The office of the mayor is a highly respected office and one that should and is held in very high regard overseas. I am calling on civil society to condemn the actions of the contractor general whose actions forced the Mayor’s name to be struck from the guest list and in so doing causing him to leave the function. The Contractor General cannot be judge jury and executioner and the Mayor’s office must be respected. The OCG should publicly apologise to the Mayor”.

Might I remind this gentleman, that in any other jurisdiction other than Jamaica, Mayor Barnswell would NOT have been in office, having resigned immediately after being criminally charged the Director of Public Prosecution. No self respecting councillor would have encouraged the mayor to continue given he has been fully compromised, which highlights the obvious moral deficiency that exist in the PNP controller parish council.

If this was not bad enough, that idiot who was on tvj some time ago telling Richard Azan ” You are comrade and dem caan disrupt d apple cart” was once again at his idiotic best, we he commented ” This is not a criminal matter, this is a civil case, how much a d fine, bout $1,500 right”.  In this idiot’s mind, the fact that maximum penality for the actions of the mayor is minor, the Mayor really should be allowed to continue performing his role and should therefore be held in high regard as ” a nuh nuttin”.

It appears that moral deficiency is a hallmark of the PNP and not matter what, their actions should be ignored as long as it was in the interest of the people, regardless if that action was criminal.

This moral deficiency exist at the  bottom and goes all the way to the top, which explains the reason Jamaica will not move beyond where it in Corruption Perception Index, thanks to a morally bankrupt PNP.

I am truly sorry for this country and the path we are trodding !



4 Responses

  1. The pnp is only subservient to the pnp, it is also interesting that people like to speak about problems in the jlp yet they ignored the asinine rantings of Ian Hayles, who lambasted the female mayor of Lucea, no one seems to remember that a Pnp council in St.Thomas booted another female mayor. There is nothing the pnp can do in Jamaica to earn the ire of these people. I wonder what thy will say when the agro arks project fail

    • You are pathetic!! Are you keeping score? Run along little munchkin. Keep out a big people debate.

      • Anonymous, I have always respected your comments on this blog, however it must be noted that your views are quite irrelevant. Older people like you have done nothing to ensure that Jamaica achieves its goals, so persons like myself will be forced to correct the mess which you guys created. Furthermore, what are you so upset about, its not like you are a brainless pnp hack.

      • There can be no debates about politics in Jamaica, its infantile, but for a big man why do you tolerate such foolish leaders.

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