Good cop likely to be imprisoned, bad cop on the streets

This is a major blow for a cop whom I believe  is NOT a corrupt cop and that this case was really unfortunate. What is ironic is there are very bad cops who are out there running up and down and to see Forbes being found guilty is sad indeed.



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  1. Dog luck and puss luck is not the same. My great grand mother used to say ,:Yu follow Juanica , you sleep a ashes.” One should be careful to be called upon to do favours, especially favours for those who are hegemonic. Obviously he thought he was helping out a friend .

  2. ……..” What is ironic is there are very bad cops who are out there running up and down”……

    Really? Do you want to put faces and names to any of these so-called bad cops? If you are so confident in your data of dirty cops, why not forward them to the Commissioner of Police? How do you know this particular cop is NOT Corrupt? Are you saying that he did not commit the acts he was found guilty of? What is so unfortunate about the case?

    What I truly find ironic is that a person like yourself that proclaims to be on the right side of every issue known to man, can selectively cherry pick when to support what is the right. Here we have a high level senior Police Office who try to circumvent the process and try to get a lower level Officer to drop or change the charge leveled against, what some might consider, an untouchable. Now, instead of supporting the Judges’ decision, you seek to undermine that well thought out decision with some Micky Mouse comment about god versus bad cop. I wonder if your posturing is being overshadowed by the fact that Daryl Vaz (a Labourite like yourself) was the instigator of this whole ordeal and put the Senior Cop in this predicament. This Police Officer should resign immediately, if for anything else, his pure stupidity. Lose his job trying to protect a multi-millionaire who could care less what happens to him in the long run. What an idiot!

    I can now confirm that you are a hypocrite. Keep picking and choosing what issues you support, but the comments you made above shows how shallow a person you are. Frankly, I think you yourself can be brought, and you might have already show your soul to the devil. Hypocrite Jay.

    • What are your thougts on Mayor Barnswell , should he resign ?
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    • Also give us your thoughts on the judge not taking Kern Spencer case to trial and releasing him.

      • Tell you what….. when you provide answers to the 5 questions I posed above, then I will oblige, with answers pertaining to Barnswell and Spencer. I won’t be duped by your avoidance (misdirection?) techniques. You tend to resort to such tactics when cornered and is unable to provide any reasonable answers to questions directed at you. Jay do you think Vaz should resign or at least, temporarily give up his MP post until the criminal case against him is taken to a verdict?

        Bwoy Jay, yuh foo-foo bad!

        • How about Phillip Paulwell for his continuous failure to follow procedure and the move to corrupt the office of the OCG. He continues to be irresponsible but no moves to sanction him by the Prime Minister. His indiscretions in the EWI cost the country $750m.

          Should he be allowed to continue in office given his mistakes so far is a whopping $1.369B.

          By the just type in Vaz in the search section to find my comments on that guy.

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  3. I really don’t expect an answer re Barnswell, Spencer or Paulwell, as a comrade I know you don’t believe for a second that any of them did anything wrong. Comrade fi life u seh , Jay can’t disrupt d apple cart

  4. I wonder what would have been the outcome had Resident Magistrate Stephanie Jackson-Haisley been the one involved in the Cuban Light case ?

    The man stole over $200m and his free today, talk about justice in Jamaica.

    • Jay, don’t you think Philip Paulwell eat-a-food off the Cuban Light Bulb project? He was very instrumental in getting payments process expeditiously.

  5. Come on Jay! We all at times make what turns out to be bad decisions and we have to live with the consequences. I suspect that there are more cases where he has perverted the “course of justice”, this time he just got caught. What is great is that this Magistrate is not of the Pusey ilk.

  6. Jay, Wayne jr may have been a little hard on you but he has a point and I think (hope) you realize it. Corruption is rampant in JA, so whenever someone especially a big fish gets caught- I am happy.

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