Public sector workers sacrificed to balance the books !

The once militant public servants who would give the JLP no breathing space and buoyed on by then opposition PNP is but a shadow of itself in 2014.

The public servants, were very vociferous during the JLP led administration and demanded their pound of flesh from the government and were reluctantly handed that which they demanded. Their actions were never deemed to be unpatriotic, instead the people simply demanded what was owed to them, which partly was to be blamed for the collapse of the last IMF agreement and the subsequent booting of the JLP from power.

Portia Simpson Miller and her team during that time spoke about the need to ” balance the books while balancing peoples lives” and that her team would do so once elected.

Public sector workers who told the then JLP they would not be prepared to make any further sactifice for national development, willing accepted a wage freeze in the first year of the PNP administration, without a fight and were described as true patriots for their actions.

It’s now 2014 and many public sector workers are in financial crises, with many being told they could lose their homes, cars and other possessions, not as result of their actions, but by the actions of a caring government, whose mantra is ” balancing the books, while balancing people’s lives”

The very government who was very vocal back that about protecting workers under the IMF agreement turns around and screws over the same workers who have made so much sacrifices to in the interest of the PNP , sorry the country.

The response of the public sector workers to the news that the PNP government did not pay over their monies to the meet their ( the workers) financial obligations , but were kept to meet IMF obligations can be described as being measured at best.  I am therefore left to ask the questions, is it that public sector workers have matured that much in such a short period of time, or is it that their loyalty to the PNP is so great, that they have not been more forceful.

How could a government that says it cares about the poor, could put people in a position, where they could lose thier homes, cars and other possessions, just so the government can boast that it has passed all the IMF test, how uncaring is that.

Andrew Holness and the JLP has not come out to bat for the public sector workers and may stioll be feel not pity for them, given their stance when the JLP was in power and assisted in hounding them for power.

This is a time to be showing support for the people who are suffering , instead the JLP has virtually done nothing to rally the troops and call out the PNP for their uncaring actions with respect to the workers.

I am afraid Andrew Holness and the JLP are not learning from the PNP playbook, on what it takes to win at the national polls. They continue to fail to understand what it means be in tune with those suffering, to empathize with them and develop a working relationship with these people.

The JLP’s failure to connect, will see them in opposition yet again, as the PNP have given then a golden launch pad to take off from, but somehow they have refused to take up the challenge and “run wid it”.

Wake up and smell the coffee, if you want it you have to go for it !


2 Responses

  1. Audley Shaw had came out about earlier this week and from last year he was hinting on the billions of arrears the government owes its suppliers.

    The public servants took side and now feeling the repercussions of doing so. Andrew Holness should seize this opportunity now to support these public servants to tell them that this would never happen if he was prime minister. And to demand that the government pay over these salary deductions and requisite interest and penalties for late payment.

  2. No demonstration fromm people who appears willing to lose their homes vs rising up against the PNP government.

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