PJ sends ” God” to Rescue Phillip Paulwell

I said yesterday in the piece ” God is back” , that I will speak more on this developing story, well here it is.

Last week, embattled Energy Minister Phillip Paulwell, while speaking at a function in Manchester said something along the lines ” By God’s willing, I will do everything in my  power to ensure Jamaicans have a cheaper source of electricity”.

Less than a week later Paulwell announced that his prayers have been answered and ” God” is now onboard to ensure that the project will move ahead as planned even though (he) Paulwell, will no longer have direct responsibilities for this project.

In a very carefully crafted delivery, Phillip Paulwell gave thanks to the Prime Minister for her unwavering support for him and than he remains committed to serving her as Energy Minister.  Paulwell further indicated that he is in the process of working with a new Chinese mining company to bring in take over the Reynolds Plant and is looking at investments of over US$3B .

As I listened to the speech I said to myself reflecting on  bible passage ” That  voice is the voice of Paulwell, but the hands are the hands of PJ”.

Phillip Paulwell in a brilliantly crafted speech has skillfully deflected a missile that was aimed at removing him from office and he has been able to soothe over the and drown out the noise of those calling for his sacking as Energy Minister.

In addition to bring some PNP stalwarts on board to take over the energy project PJ err sorry , Portia is now laying the platform from now for a re-election in 2016, as both Vin and Stewart are absolute masters at their craft and with PJ in the mix, the JLP chances of a return to the polls in 2016 can be considered to be a lost cause, unless someone screws up royally.

Only one man in the PNP could have prepared such a skillful response to what was a most embarrassing crises that was threatening to overrun the party and possibly put Paulwell in a position, where he could not longer become party leader.

The Career of  Phillip Paulwell has been saved once again, which has not cemented his title as the ” Teflon Man”.

PJ must be smiling, giving himself a pat on the back, job well done.



One Response

  1. I hope Jamaicans will not be hoodwinked again by these people who only believe in winning elections and not good governance. If the PNP wins again in 2016 I will have to say selah Jamaica.

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