What Paulwell should NOT be allowed to do

The Gleaner in an editorial today is suggesting that Paulwell tell the nation that he has been instructed by the Prime Minister to dump EWI and I am in agreement with the Gleaner up to this point

The Gleaner continued

What we expect from Paulwell is a clear strategy for extricating Jamaica from the mess in which we now find ourselves over the developing of new, and cheaper, electricity-generating capacity.

I am not sure what the editor is thinking given that Phillip Paulwell has not demonstrated the ability to do what  the Gleaner is suggesting .  He has been given many opportunities to shine in the past and most have ended in disaster and therefore allowing him to guide anyprocess of national focus would once again end in predictable disaster.

I quote from one of the worlds greatest scientist Albert Einstein

The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them

This is what the Gleaner is suggesting, without recognizing that try as he may, Phillip Paulwell does not have the capacity  to do things any different than he as done in the past and allowing him to lay out some clear strategy to get us out of this problem, is clearly asking too much.

Policies and procedures are put in place to protect the integrity of the system and once that is compromised,  trust becomes a major issue, which keeps away potential players from becoming involved in any new shape or form that project.

It does not matter how good your intentions are, once you compromise the process in order to achieve the end game, you are now not back to square one, instead you find yourself below square one, as trust has been eroded.

The only way out at this stage is for the Energy Minister to play no further role in this energy project, which at this stage would send a clear signal to the international community that Jamaica is finally serious about following the rules and procedures in keeping with international standards.

No more excuses for Phillip Paulwell, he must be removed entirely from any further involvement in the energy project.

Paulwell is being driven by a personal agenda and is of the belief that if he can get a project on the ground that he believes will get energy cost down, then he is surely on his way to become party leader and eventually Prime Minister of Jamaica.

This is what is leading him to take short cuts vs following the established processes and best practices. This  now is suggesting he Paulwell  is NOT someone that Jamaicans can entrust with leadership at the highest level ie he should NEVER be consider for Prime Minister at any point in time, now or in the future.







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