“God is back”. The voice is that of Paulwell, but the hands are the hands of PJ

Vin Lawrence is back in the picture to head the Energy Project. More details on that later.

3 Responses

  1. Can you imagine bringing back Alston Stewart after his “disastrous”, used euphemistically, run at the NSWMA!!! What the hell is happening in this Country!!

    • Jamaica under PNP will continue to sink on the transparency scale. We take the project from Paulwell and give to guys who have been out of the “runnings” for some time now.

      As I said it has the hands of one man written all over it.

  2. There should be no way in hell Alston Stewart and Dr. Vin Lawrence be back to be featured in such an important project. But I guess with the PNP you are never really gone no matter what you did.

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