Why is the PNP willing to bat for EWI ?

I was aked the following questions over the weekend ?

1. Why do you believe Phillip Paulwell and by extention the PNP cabinet is willing to put themselves on the line for EWI ?

2. As far as you are aware, has EWI delivered any projects ?

3. Why would the PNP administration not have engaged EWC vs EWI ?

4. Do you believe EWI will find the funds to execute the project ?

5. Do you think EWI can deliver electricity to the grid at US 12.88 cents per kWh.

6. Do you think that Paulwell will resign ?

1. One word – Power. Election victory is assured if the plant is delivered. If the plant is delivered Phillip Paulwell will become party leader and eventually Prime Minister of Jamaica

2. EWI has not delivered a single project. EWC however recently completed a Plant expansion project in Indonesia. They installed and sucessfully completed a 60mW CCGT in that jurisdiction.

3. That question is difficult to answer, we will have to get the PNP to answer that.

4. Yes, EWI will get the required funding and the project will be executed.

5. No. Based on my calculations EWI cannot deliver power to the grid at US 12.88 per. kWh

6. Never. If he were to surprise all of us and do so, the PNP would not be the same party ever again. The party will not suffer as a result of their refusal to follow civil society demands of transparency .


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