What is the fate of Phillip Paulwell, now that EWI has lost its license.

Firstly , I must admit that I am shocked that the Prime Minister as acted, given the news coming out of the NEC yesterday, that they were 100% behind Phillip Paulwell, who must now feel like he has been betrayed.

Its hard to see the Prime Minister allowing the embattled energy to oversee the new tender process, which would be like a  death blow for the aspirations of Phillip Paulwell becoming Prime Minister in 2016 when Portia Simpson Miller retires. This was supposed to be his show piece project, this was going to make the career of Phillip Paulwell, but  it appear that something went terribly wrong somewhere along the way.

The actions of the Prime Minister today, will no doubt be greeted with cautious optimism and something must have pushed her to take such an action given that Phillip Paulwell is one of the chosen one and was virtually been hand picked to succeeded her.

Did the powerful private sector group threaten to withdraw funding from the PNP  for the 2016 election campaign and in so do, force the hands of the Prime Minister ?

The Prime Minister has acted and should be congratulated for doing so albeit after sustained pressure.



2 Responses

  1. That is how a leader acts. Delegate, and when those who delegate fail, you then act. Good leadership from PSM !!!

    • Her hands were forced, can you even admit that. When your “leader” has to be given an ultimatium by private sectors that is not display of good leadership.

      She acted and I say ok
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