EWI license rescinded !


The Prime Minister we understand has pulled the plugged on EWI and the entire process is to be restarted.

EWI license has been revoked and EWI suffers no loss given the bid bond was recently returned


3 Responses

  1. If ground is not broken by the end of summer 2014 this project will not make the 2016 deadline to help them for the next election

    • I’m a bit taken back by your statement. What project(s) did the PNP used to propel them to achieved a massive electoral victory in 2011 and another in 2012? Why do you believe the PNP government need this project (or any project for that matter) to (help them) win the next scheduled election? It will be interesting to hear your thoughts, but my guess is that you will simply run away and hide, knowing you will be unable to come up with any cogent arguments to support such imbecility comment.

      • Run and hide no way. Phillip Paulwell is positioning himself to be party leader when Portia leaves in 2016. This energy project was to be his show piece project given the high cost of electricity in Jamaica.

        Anyone who can execute such a project will become the darling of the electorate . Paulwell is Portia favoured one and he desperately needed this to be well ahead of the pack.

        PJ Patterson is very disappointed in the turn of events at this stage.

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