PNP powerful National Executive Council NEC backs Paulwell actions in the 381MW Scandal !

Today the PNP’s powerfull National Executive Council elected a new General Secretary in Paul Burke. At that meeting  the NEC expressed full support for embattled energy minister Phillip Paulwell.

This public show of support by the highest decision making body of the PNP has all but laid to rest any thoughts of sanctioned being laid against the energy minister and should now silence all those calls for his resignation.

Opposition Leader Andrew Holness had indicated last week, that had Phillip Paulwell been his cabinet, he Holness would have sanctioned Phillip Paulwell as soon as news broke of his meddling affairs in the 381 MW  project. The glaring difference between the approach on one party vs the other partly explains why one continues to be in opposition, while the other continues to be  elected with  alarming regularity.

The expression of full support of the Energy Minister despite his indictment in the 381MW selection process by the IDB, should not have come as a surprise by anyone who lives in Jamaica, as the PNP is known to “circle the wagon” and protect and support its members no matter how corrupt their activities has been or perceived to be.

Jamaican will continue its slide on the Corruption Perception Index and I  continue to amazed at the support coming from some public commentators including Martin Henry, who has said he cannot see what the fuss is all about and he sees no wrong doing on the part of the energy minister.

I continue to say, until Jamaicans in particular those who have access to the media and who shapes public perception and views are honest, Jamaica is doomed to failure with its cheerleader, cheering along as PNP does a fantastic job of ruining ( yes ruining) Jamaica.

Like I said last week, the Prime Minister and her entire cabinet had been compromised and could not have taken any actions against the energy minister. The zeal to win the next elections is way too strong for the PNP to do anything at this stage, to make it appears as if there is any disunity in the party. There is only one common focus at this time, get the plant on the ground in time for the 2016 elections, no matter what !

We need the lower cost energy, no doubt about that, but I am not concerned about  the fact that t the PNP has turned this power plant into a ticket to a 2016 election victory and Jamaica may no longer be getting as low a energy cost per kwh as we could have received  and the entire due diligence process has been compromised and replaced with expediency .

The PNP continues to peel away what little reputation the country has on the international stage, but the cheerleaders are still happy.

I am truly sorry for where this country is headed.


One supporter said on TVJ news

Mi deh fi support Paulwell , a Paulwell mi seh cuz if a neva him mi would not be eating food. A im mek mi get a wuk outta cement company and put food pon mi table.

Like many of us has said, the PNP surely knows what to do to keep its supporters on its side  no matter what, give dem food and you own dem fi life



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