Phillip Paulwell should be fired immediately !!

Phillip Paulwell says he is man on a mission, to get lower energy prices and he appears to be willing to do just about anything to achieve that, which would be a fillip for his chances to become leader of the PNP..

Paulwell who has compromised this project so far and has been able to have his way with the OUR , thus compromising that office in the process, is now attempting to do the same thing, with the OCG, how impetuous of this man.

The Gleaner ( 4/30/2014) reported the following

ENERGY MINISTER Phillip Paulwell is seeking to nudge Contractor General Dirk Harrison’s office into conceding that it erred when it concluded that the decision of the Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) to facilitate the acceptance of Energy World International’s (EWI) proposal to participate in the bidding process for the supply of 381 megawatts of energy to the national grid was “unfair and irregular and a clear breach of the law.

“In the end, I am hoping that the OCG’s position will be modified to enable this process to be viewed directly by the international lending agencies, and I believe that the process is clearly provided for in the policy framework and that the OUR did nothing wrong,” the minister

The OCG says the process was compromised and now Phillip Paulwell wants the OCG to modify his position to make the position palatable to the IDB, , is this not incredulous and shows a man who appears to have no character or credibility left. The Contractor General office conducted and independent investigation and game to an independent position, that is a fact . How dare a politician  to try to now have this office which has been a beacon of transparency, high ethical standards and character , reverse its position so it agrees with Phillip Paulwell’s own convoluted and twisted idea of transparency !

Phillip Paulwell by his stance is seeking to COMPROMISE the offices of the OCG, which would leave that office with no moral authority to conduct any independent investigation in the future. Is this the new way, is this the PNP way, is cabinet in agreement with the position of Phillip Paulwell ?

This is what the IDB local offices had to say.

Therese Turner-Jones, the IDB’s representative to Jamaica, said it would be awkward for the Government to get involved in a matter between it and a private entity.

“A country like Jamaica really needs to pay attention to transparency and good procurement practices. We have been giving advice on that area, and we would be hardpressed to not follow our own advice,” she said.


If this is not a back hand slap in the face of Phillip Paulwell , then, I don’t know what else it could have been considered to be.

Phillip Paulwell has successfully tarnished the reputation of Jamaica and has been aided in doing so by the PNP cabinet !

The Minister needs to step aside and remove himself from the entire project for risk of damaging what’s left of the country’s reputation on the international scene.

It would appear the Prime Minister has no moral authority to fire the minister for this latest screwup since she was part of the group that endorsed his position in relation to EWI, but I would still hope the PM tries to save Jamaica by firing the minister before the end of the day today !


9 Responses

  1. Jay, you need to correct this. He is now attempting to compromise the OCG..

    , is not attempting to do the same thing, with the OCG, how impetuous of this man.”

  2. Where is AG Nicholson to rescue Jamaica’s reputation? That statement from the IDB representative should be enough for the PM to fire Paulwell.

    It was an indictment on Paulwell’s stewardship of this project and his continued meddling in the process. All these actions by Paulwell is primarily politically driven. In that he wants this project to proceed no matter the consequence so that it will be completed in time for the next general election so that his party can boast about it. And if PSM should step down as party leader it will give him a shot of being the next PM.

  3. lets hear what the OCG has to say after Paulwell meets with him

  4. Where is my post under this thread? I guess you did not like what I had to say?

  5. Paulwell doesnt just need a nappy, he needs an incubator. What a sorry excuse for a leader. I would not put him in charge of a patty shop. If he becomes leader of Jamaica, I am cutting, whether by plane, ship, boat, raft or air balloon.

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