Phillip Paulwell breaks his silence, EWI sends letter to the minister

The Jamaica Observer earlier today issued a statement from the embattled energy Minister Phillip Paulwell in relation to the status of the 381MW project, see statement below

I am fully aware of the importance to Jamaica and the high interest of Jamaicans in respect of the 360 Megawatt Power Plant Project which is fundamentally significant to reducing the nation’s power cost.

The efforts to secure appropriate and affordable energy have been long and contentious at times, we have now however made solid progress and as a nation, we are on the threshold of breaking the back of this very difficult problem.

Recently the OUR recommended to me, as Minister, the issuance of a Power Generating License to Energy World International (EWI), which in turn is required to post a significant Performance Security Bond valued at USD 36.85M as a condition of the award

See letter from Energy World International in the attachment  ewi   ( click on ewi)

The letter raises a number of questions for me.

  1. Why is EWI communicating to the Energy Minister and not the OUR ?
  2. Did the license not suggest that the performance bond was to have been issued 10 days after the license was granted and failure to do would would trigger a certain action?
  3. What does the performance bond has to do with the the IDB decision not to assist in the funding of the project ?
  4. What is the position of the OUR in all of this or has it abdicated its responsibilities to the Energy Minister, Phillip Paulwell.


What a grand mess by the OUR and Phillip Paulwell !


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