381MW Project in jeopardy as IDB refuses to provide financing and slams Phillip Paulwell’s interference in the project

As I mentioned yesterday, news has emerged that the Inter American Development Bank IDB, has refused to provide any financing to the EWI 381MW project in Jamaica.  The IDB in an email has reported that it’s refusal stems from the fact that the GOJ procurement guidelines were not followed and the selection of EWI did not satisfy IDB procurement rules.

The IDB cites the report from the Contractor General’s department, which had ruled that the bid submitted by EWI should have been rejected as they failed to meet the bid requirements as outlined by the OUR.

Nationwide News this afternoon reported that Phillip Paulwell and the Albert Gordon from the OUR, reportedly meet with the Contractor General over the weekend to  try and persuade him to change his report as it relates to the eligibility of EWI to have been included in the bidding process.

In a previous post I had commented that the OUR has allowed it members to have become compromised by the actions of the Energy Minister, which would have brought in question the character and  integrity of these folks ( at the OUR).  What I warned about appears to have happened. What will occur now is , the Energy Minister will try to extricate himself from the mess and  indicate that he was simply following the advice of the regulatory body, the OUR !

In order to save this project, the Energy Minister must now turn to the China Exim Bank, to provide financing and bring CHEC into on-board, this is the only card that can be played at this time.

This entire thing has been a disaster from the very beginning and Phillip Paulwell once again has showed he does not have the capability to handle mega projects, screwing up almost everything he lays his hands on.

I think its time for the project to be removed from Phillip Paulwell as it is very clear, he in incapable of doing what is required to get Jamaica’s energy cost down and has bungled this project every step of the way.

The members of the OUR have been compromised and their resignation would be in  order !

I am totally disgusted with the management of this project and now we can see why the Minister wanted the Energy Monitoring Committee (EMC) out of the way



3 Responses

  1. Paulwell strikes again. I will not be surprised if this guy becomes our next prime minister.

  2. On October 19, 2013 I predicted that this would have happened. This was what I wrote ..

    The big question for me is how does EWI/EWC plan to finance this project. Given the controversy surrounding this project, I do not see the IDB or world bank lending any money to EWC, which leaves only the China Exim bank , as no one else has enough money to undertake such a project


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