Did Phillip Paulwell remove the Performance Bond requirement for EWI ?

It has been reported that Energy Minister Phillip Paulwell has once again inserted himself in the middle of this 381 MW project and in so doing is obstructing the OUR as it tries to  carry out its mandate.

It has come to our attention that Phillip Paulwell in his quest to push EWI along , has removed the requirement for EWI to submit US$35m for a performance bond in keeping  with the original license document drafted by the OUR

We also have been made to understand that EWI had approached the IDB for financing for the project and their request was flatly rejected, which puts the project in doubt just at the point where we were  (most persons not Jay) led to believe,  it was about to move forward.

The meddling Energy Minister continues to make a mess of this entire project and needs to be removed forthwith before he causes further harm to Jamaica’s prospect of getting cheaper energy.

The OUR also needs to grow some balls or resign !

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