Roger Clarke’s grand announcement on cow tagging and DNA

Roger Clarke proudly announced in the house of parliament that he will be soon  implementing a new system to address predial larceny, using tagging of cattle and development of DNA Data base for same.

I laughed out loud and I am am sure I shed a few tears in the process as I listened to a man that is now presenting a solution to a problem, that will NOT address the problem he was hoping to solve.

The idea behind cattle tagging is not a bad one, but to use it as a deterrent for thieves is ill conceived and shows that the technocrats advising the minister or the minister himself does not understand the problem.

This mirco-chip I believe will have some sort of GPS device in it which will allow for the cattle to be tracked, so not a bad idea in concept.

The problem with Roger Clarke’s plan, is it fails to address the real issue and here is why. Cows are not normally loaded into truck and moved to some other location to be slaughtered.  If this was the case, then I could see the tracking process working. In most cases the cattle is slaughtered right their in the fields and the meat carted in station wagons and mini buses and then removed from the fields.

Think about it, if you are tracking cattle and see each head of cattle being represented by the GPS location device where they are supposed to be, then you have no cause for concern. The problem is these could be cows heads left in the fields with the ship still attached to the ears.

Now if the Minister has said this device will be used on goats, sheep and pig, I would say it stood a better chance of working, given these smaller animals are stolen alive and transported to other locations to  be slaughtered.

Mr Minister, you may want to hold off signing that contract for the acquisition of microchips and give this grand announcement some more thought.


PS. I wonder who is being lined up to eat a food off this, think about it.

  1. Someone needs to supply these devices
  2. That someone must get paid
  3. Someone must go out and show the farmers how they are supposed to work
  4. Someone has to implement the attachment of the device to the animals
  5. Framers must have a smart phone, with appropriate software to track the animals and be trained how to use it.

I wonder if that someone will setup a company and then use that company as the vehicle to implement this project. 🙂

Mi just a try  think like how comrades do,


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