PNP introduces $6.7B in “No “New Taxes on Jamaicans !

KINGSTON, Jamaica — The People’s National Party (PNP) is insisting that Minister of Finance, Peter Phillips has no intentions of introducing new taxes in 2014.

The political party made the statement via Facebook on Wednesday.

“Minister of Finance and the Public Service Dr Peter Phillips has asserted that he harbours no intention of imposing new taxes on Jamaicans in 2014. #NONEWTAXES,” the Facebook post said.

Are Jamaicans stupid or what, can we expect public condemnation of the actions of the Finance Minister.76 come next week as the PNP moves to crucify Jamaicans, with $6.7B in new taxes.

I was watching CVM news a few minutes ago and say this idiot holding a placard expressing support for the finance minister, when asked why she was expressing support she said ” things are better now under the PNP than it was under the JLP because I have a job”. She was told that unemployment was up to which she replied ” that is not true because people have jobs”, she was again asked about jobs and she replied ” everybody has a job“, the reporter asked ” everybody has a job”, she replied ” yes everybody has a job”.

These are the folks that elect our government to power and explains the reason why Jamaica is in such a bad shape !


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  1. I saw that interview last night and immediately felt despair. Because these are the people who are deciding our future and they are complete programmed robots.

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