PNP imposes taxes on bank withdrawals, what a wicked and uncaring government !

DEBATE ON the vexed issue of “exorbitant” banking fees has been placed before the House of Representatives for deliberation in the form of a private members’ motion.

The mover of the motion, Government Member of Parliament (MP) Fitz Jackson, wants the Bank of Jamaica, which has regulatory responsibility for banks in Jamaica, to submit a report to the Economy and Production Committee on charges being levied by the banks and credit unions as at October 31, 2013. If the motion is passed, Jackson is requesting the report within 60 days or earlier.

Given Fitz Jackson the “Messiah” who is on a crusade to protect Jamaicans from increased and exorbitant bank fees being imposed by Jamaican bank to boost their revenue, can we expect to hear his voice on what this wicked government is about to do.

The issue of bank fees is still under review, but the PNP government is not about to wait, they want their piece of the bounty and has launched its own barefaced attack on consumers by the imposition of a tax on bank withdrawals.

It was also noted that taxes will also be imposed on point of sale transactions (POS), they are transaction done using mainly debit cards, however I could not confirm if the same applies to credit cards.

So Jamaicans will not now only have to deal with increase bank charges, they will now have to pay additional amounts to withdraw their own monies from banks and well as funds they may have invested in other financial institutions.

Given the howls of protest by the Jamaican public on bank fees, can we expect to hear the same from the Jamaican public on the decision that has been taken by the PNP to add to that pain, by demanding that come June 2014, we pay over a portion of what we are removing from the bank to them !

What a wicked act by a government that has asked Jamaicans to make so much sacrifice but who continues to live lavishing and not changing their lifestyle.

Jamaicans electorate are truly smart in their choices, given that every PNP government have been characterized by nothing by pain and suffering in every aspect of life !

My message to the suffering Jamaicans, run if you can, if you cannot be more informed and make better decisions when given the chance to select the next government.




8 Responses

  1. Is this a survival reality show? First, you struggle to earn it and pay taxes on it, then you will pay taxes to withdraw it, and then pay taxes to spend it. Well, can’t wait to hear what improvements will result from all this.

  2. If it was the JLP government had done this, PSM would be shouting from every rooftops how wicked the government was. But now you will not hear a peep from her. She will continue to play see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil.

  3. Was the PM even in Parliament yesterday? She seems to keep away from anything unpleasant announcements.

  4. Portia and the PNP really loves poor people, see they are creating even more

  5. Where are the PNP Cheer leaders, they have gone silent in the face of a sustain assault on the poor people of Jamaica, by an administration without a leader !

    I could have predicted this was going to happen, no Jamaicans will pay dearly for their “trust” in Pain N Poverty (PNP)

  6. I have all but given up. The media’s fawning over Peter Phillips for passing the IMF tests so far without giving the full analysis on the state of the country and where we are likely to end up after this IMF programme.

    This bullcrap being spouted by the Finance Minister that depreciation will help our exports without anyone challenging him that our dollar has being depreciated for 40 years without any corresponding increase in exports.

    The hardship and suffering out there is real and I fear what will happen when the people take to the streets to show their frustration.

    • Under the PNP the people will not take to the streets as its not in the nature of Andrew to rally the troops. People are suffering unbearable hardship and have decided that it would be near sacrilegious to speak about the oppression caused by the PNP ans instead speak in hush tones amongst themselves.

      Its rather pathetic to see once vociferous cheerleaders suffering but refusing to be critical in public.

      Like I said in a post, the toughest life I have lived have all been under the PNP and that is a fact.

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