JPS request for rate increase is justified

I believe the JPS is justified in asking for an increase, let’s face it the company is in the business to make money, period. Now the reality is, close to  20% on the customers on the grid are stealing the commodity !

We may feel like its unjust because  we believe we cannot take any more increase at this time, but that is NOT the fault of the JPS, that is the fault of the Government of Jamaica, blame them. Oil /Gas is a commodity that is critical life in Jamaica , but Petrojam does NOT have to go to the OUR to get a price change, no, they increase the price of gas and diesel every week, where is the protest, where is the public outcry?

Other producers eg Cement Company does not have to ask for any increase, they simply just increase the price of their product. Cement prices have gone up by 33% in the last 12 months, where is the anger ?

I don’t work for JPS, but I believe the increase is more than justified.

The company is not a charitable organization !

No other company in this country could be faced with some much theft of its product and not collapse a long time ago, so I encourage those “hitting” out at the JPS , to stop stealing, where they are stealing and to stop encouraging stealing, in cases where have knowledge of that taking place.

Just look at that proposal from the Energy Minister, which was aimed at encouraging “squatting” on the JPS services for a nominal fee, what on earth was he thinking and I am glad the JPS dismissed this idiotic proposal.

Get off the back of JPS and go ride the back of your beloved PNP who has taken this country to the brink !


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  1. The OUR has sone a great dis-service to JPS and appears to have lost in independence on the table of politics.

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