Phillip Paulwell and Private Sector blasts JPS rate increase request !

Echoing calls on the Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) to protect consumers have been reverberating since the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) last week indicated it was applying for a rate increase.

‘Insensitive’, ‘unnecessary’, ‘unconscionable’ and ‘inopportune’ were some of the phrases used to describe the utility company’s application

“Increased operational costs could be more appropriately offset by greater efficiencies at the company,” Paulwell contended.

Paulwell, a former energy minister, was just as forthright in his castigation of the application.

“This insensitive and unnecessary request has come at a time when oil prices are climbing and the Jamaican consumer is under severe pressure from all angles,” he said.

“The company recently released financial statements which indicate that they continue to be profitable,” Paulwell said.

“What also makes this request unfortunate is the already existing fuel component on JPS bills which adjusts automatically with the movement of oil prices,” he added

The private sector also came out firing.

“JPS could never be asking for an increase at this time,” declared Omar Azan, president of the Jamaica Manufacturers Association (JMA). “It should instead be looking at ways to increase its efficiencies,” he added


Not so fast…

The date is April 27, 2011 as reported in the Gleaner


Fast forward to April 14, 2014

JPS asked OUR for a rate hike of 19%

Karl Samuda has spoken out as expected from the opposition as well as CAPI, but no word from the others, I wonder why ?

Mr Paulwell what is your take on this recent request given your stridency against the request that was submitted under the previous Government in April 2011.

Can we expect to hear any word from Energy Minister Phillip Paulwell.

Commonsenseja is here once again to keep them honest. As a people we really need to play closer attention to what is taking place around us least we be played .

I don’t expect to hear anything from Phillip Paulwell, so what I have presented is the lie that Phillip Paulwell and others in the country represent.

Its NEVER about the people of this country, NEVER !!!





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