EWI LNG Storage facility on a known earthquake fault line ?

I would like for the Seismic unit at the Geology Department of the UWI to comment on the news that EWI appears set to build  a LNG and Power Plant on known earthquake fault line in the Bull Bay area of East Rural St Andrew. See Jamaica Observer  http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/business/ENERGY-WORLD-GETS-DOWN-TO-BUSINESS_16463559

In addition to the above, commonsenseja would like for NEPA to indicate if the have on hand a copy of an EIA for the cane river area of Bull Bay where this facility is to be constructed and if so, would they make the document available to the public, so we can have a chance to review same.

For those who think I have a beef to pick with EWI , nothing could be further from the truth. I want this project to be a success, but I will not be hoodwinked by announcement from those who appear to know very little about what they are responsible for and continue to insert themselves in the project for some sort of self gratification vs actually delivering what the people of Jamaica should expect.

I get the feeling that I am one of a few persons who has taken the time out to dismiss the fluff and focus on the real thing, which leads me to ask questions in the hope of stimulating a discussion and get to the truth.

See document from UWI on the link below.

fault line bull bay and others




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