EWI baulks at some conditionalities in license agreement, some removed.

We understand that some of the much talked about “safeguards” contained in the original license documented drafted by the Government in respect of the 360MW Project have been removed. This came about after the chairman of EWI Mr Elliott indicated to the energy minister concerns about those conditions and he (Elliott) would not be willing to sign any such contracts. It is further understood that the government has recanted and removed some of the conditions.

The question is what conditions have been removed and if they were not important in the first place why were they included. What would have been the basis for such conditions,  given the fact that EWI was funding the entire project without any financial input from the Government.

We may never know what these conditions that were removed are, given that this comes at a time, when the EMC is being disbanded to prevent any further dissemination of information to the Jamaican public, how skillful.

Phillip Paulwell continues to make a mess of this entire energy portfolio and needs to remove himself from the the process, thus allowing persons with more competence to provide oversight to this most important project.

This is a technical and not a political project and must not be left in the hands of a meddling minister and a OUR which is behaving like a lackey as it relates to its oversight responsibilities.

The OUR is NOT capable of providing the necessary oversight for this project and its members had better been careful, if they do not want to see their reputation tarnished at the political altar.

The member of the OUR  had better watch out as when it become public knowledge  that the best we will see is less than 20% reduction in electricity rates, they will have to take the fall for this and not the teflon minister.



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