Energy Monitoring Committee to be disbanded, its about time

The Gleaner has reported that the Energy Monitoring Committee setup by the Government is likely to be disbanded this week. The various private sector groups (JMA, PSOJ and other), are up in arms, demanding that the Energy Minister break his silence on this matter as a matter of urgency.

The Gleaner report indicated that the original mandate of the EMC has been achieved and so its time to move to the next stage of the project, but the private sector groups will have none of it.

The EMC was becoming a stumbling block in the way of the Energy Minister and the way to get rid of that is to disband the committee, so the Energy Minister can have a free hand to do what he wants to do, is that not the case.

The EMC was asking questions, very uncomfortable questions and the public was being made aware of concerns that existed with the project, so to avoid the questions and keep the public in the dark, just get rid of the committee, real smart move on the part of a man, who keeps making one mistake after another and a clueless government.

How can you set up a committee to “ensure” the successful completion of a project and that the project delivers electricity to JPS at under US$0,13 per KWH , then disband it before the project has even commenced ?

The of the matter is Phillip Paulwell knows that EWI cannot deliver electricity to JPS at a price under $0.13 per KWH and he does not want this information reaching the public too early in the game.

In addition to this, the much talked about safeguards that were included in the license drafted for EWI to sign have been removed after the Chairman of  EWI baulked at some of the  conditionalities in the agreement.

Phillip Paulwell’s back is against the walls, he talks too much, delivers to little and does not want the public to be aware, hence the reason to removed the committee, allowing him to do what he wants in the “publics interest”.

Jamaica gets, what Jamaica expects !

Barvo Mr Paulwell, job well done.


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