PNP Government sanction locking up of working class Jamaicans for not riding JUTC buses ?

The current government has sanctioned the arrest and charge of ordinary working class people, for not riding JUTC buses and instead using what is termed ” robot” buses.

The fine I am told could be as high as $100,000 for any member of the public caught riding on these buses or other mode of transportation to get to their destination.

This is the sort of mentality that is so rampant how the PNP govern and is borne out by those it decides to put in position for which they have no clue how to manage.

The JUTC is bleeding due to illegal operators on the road and are desperately trying to address that particular problem, nothing wrong with the fundamental concept of trying to stop the bleeding.

Now if you want to keep on bleeding, what are the first steps you need to take to address that problem ?

The JUTC needs to therefore find out, why there are so many illegal operators on the rd and that answer is very easy to determine.

Why are so many Jamaicans taking illegal transportation?

Are these folks just corrupt and want to support corruption or is there an underlying problem ?

If there is an underlying problem, what is that problem and how do you correct it ?

The fact is the JUTC does not appear to

  1. Have enough buses on the rds
  2. Does not have a proper schedule for these buses
  3. Does not appear to have a reliable bus service that can guarantee a bus will be at your stop every 15mins of less.

Unless the management of the JUTC addresses the above situation, the problem will remain and you cannot enforce any law that removes the right of the public to get to their places of work on time.

It is foolhardy to believe that someone will stand at a bus stop for an hr waiting to see if a JUTC bus shows up and then ends up being late for work.

In many work places, if you are late more than 3 times in a week, you will receive a warning and if this process continues, you are likely to be fired for persistent lateness.

The “illegal” bus operators recognize their is a demand for their service and all they are doing is supplying that need, albeit illegally.

The law of economics which many are schooled in will tell you that equilibrium or steady state is reached when supply equals demand. Until that situation exist, we will continue to have the problem we have always had and locking up people cannot solve this problem.

I am amazed however that the working class people of this country many of whom voted PNP are not outrage by what is about to take place .

Dammit it cannot be that party loyalty thrumps everything this country, even when it hurts badly.

The person who helps out at my house has always been early until this week, when she showed up late, despite being at the bus stop from 5 am. The reason was given the new rules she has no money to pay $100k fine, so is forced to wait for JUTC bus.

This cannot be right !

Until the JUTC provides enough buses, have in place and maintain a proper scheduled and improve the reliability of the fleet, they simply should not be allowed to get away with this  law, which I am not even sure can pass the “smell” test in a court of law.

Are these actions legal ?

Any lawyers out there ?


Clovis Toon

Courtesy : Jamaica Observer




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