Can Portia Simpson – Miller ever be an effective leader like Kamla Persad-Bissessar ?

I am here looking at the two female Prime Ministers in the region  Jamaica’s Portia Simpson -Miller and Kamla Persad-Bissessar of Trinidad and Tobago. One country T&T has been doing well, while the other, Jamaica is the mendicant of the region.

One leader spends the greater portion of her first term travelling all over the world and does not provide any report to the public on majority of those trips, which have been at great expense to the country.

The Prime Minister of Trinidad on the other hand makes fewer trips and when she does, she personally provides a comprehensive report on her return from her trips as she  holds herself accountable to the people of the country.

One leader spends most of her time complaining about who is black, who is brown, who is from humble beginnings and  despite being PM. appears to suffer from some sort of a complex, which makes her super-sensitive to any form of criticism.  The Prime Minister of Trinidad on the other hand despite all the criticism continues to work in the public interest and has no time to “shoot back” at her critics.

One Prime Minister says “when you do not hear from me its because I am  is working working working”, the Trinidadian Prime Minister on the other hand not only speaks to the people of the country, she actually works and the result is evident for all to see.

One Prime Minister does not hold post cabinet discussions to inform the public, while the Prime Minister of Trinidad respects the people of the country and takes the time out despite working , to attend post cabinet discussions and speak to the Jamaican people via the journalist.

One Prime Minister does not hold herself or her ministers accountable for poor performance or wrong doings and actually rewards those who have been  done misconduct in public office and has never dismissed a minister. The Prime Minister of Trinidad on the other hand has dismissed EIGHTEEN (18) member of her Government, including  ELEVEN (11) cabinet ministers for misconduct in public office, poor performance and other related issues.

What excuse does the Jamaican Prime Minister have  for being such a sorry leader ?

Can Portia Sinpsom Miller can ever be a leader like Kamla Persad – Bissessar ?

Will Jamaicans continue to accept what Portia Simpson Miller delivers as leader, then bemoan the fact that Trinidad is busting our tails at almost everything in the region except Track and Field ?

Can the PNP ever have a leader that can take this country from being mendicants of the region, to the most powerful country in the region ?

We know they can take us from being productive and growth to the state we are now given they have done that sucessfully since 1972 to now , but do they have the capacity to take us in the next direction?

I do not think so and Jamaica set to remain mendicants of the region as long as the people of Jamaicans continues to elect the PNP to ruin (run) the country



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  1. With the Chief Pauperizers still in her cabinet! We should come to recognize that change will have to be forced on those that have taken this Country on a downward trajectory. The alternative is clueless and all we are hearing is the same old political diatribe.

    • Portia is only interested in self preservation, she cares more about what people say about her than actual performance. If she had any interest in being a leader then she would have fired Anthony Hylton and replace him with some who is more competent, after his pronouncements about CEZ, very few investors are insight and it was reported recentlt that the government actually shelved the plans fro CEZ. Roger Clarke could also go, agriculture needs a revolution and that man is unable to implement it, the sycophants were boasting about the 14% in the sector for the last quarter, but during the first nine months of 2013 it declined by 4.9%, the growth is not sustainble, but how can you have sustainable growth when most of our farmers are technologically backward? A few training programmes will not help them either.

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