18 Persons have been dismissed from the T&T Government so far

Eighteen people lost either their  ministerial portfolio, their senatorial seat or both since the People’s Partnership administration, under the leadership of Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar, came into office less than four years ago.

These 18 were either members of the House of Representatives or the Senate.

Eleven ministers were fired. They were Mary King, Subhas Panday, Therese Baptiste-Cornelis, Nan Ramgoolam, Verna St Rose Greaves, Collin Partap, Herbert Volney, John Sandy, Christlyn Moore, Jamal Mohammed and Glenn Ramadharsingh.

Of the 11 fired, four were axed in response to specific allegations—Partap, Volney, King and Ramadharsingh—while the other seven lost their portfolio as the result of a Cabinet reshuffle.

Additionally two ministers—Jack Warner and now Chandresh Sharma—resigned, following specific adverse allegations.



The government of Trinidad and Tobago is really serious about good governance, it’s a pity the same cannot be said about the PNP  led Government .

In Jamaica, NO Government member under the PNP can ever do wrong and even went caught doing the wrong thing, they will NEVER lose their jobs and the people of Jamaica, will never agree with any PNP member losing their job.

I am sure Kern Spencer despite the corruption and wire fraud charges, he will return to representational politics with a BANG !

I do not believe Jamaica and Jamaicans have the capacity to govern like Trinidad does  😦






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