Jamaica Institute of Engineers must break its silence on the 360MW Project

I am very disappointed that the Jamaican public have not heard a word ( at least not that I can recall) from the umbrella organization of engineers , the Jamaica Institute of Engineers (JIE) or from other esteemed members of the engineering community on the fiasco that is taking place in relation to this 360MW Electrical Generation Project.

When there are medical issues in Jamaica, you hear from the medical fraternity, which takes the time out to inform the public, even though I wished they would to more.

When there are issues affecting the teaching community, you will hear from teachers or more often that not, the leader of the JTA.

On legal matters, there is always a lawyer who is willing to speak or write on the issue, even though there is often different opinions on the same issue, but that is the nature of law, it is subject to interpretation and precedence.

On financial and economic  matters, there is always  economic or financial analyst is willing to write or speak on matters of national importance.

On engineering matters of national interest, the engineering fraternity is missing in action and we end up with persons who have no training in engineering passing themselves off as “experts” on these matters and without any challenge from others, the public is led to believe they are the “authority” and speaking from an informed position on the matter.

Engineers have done an extremely poor PR job despite the presence of many highly qualified and skilled engineers in Jamaica and  this is part of the reason this group is not highly regarded and treated so poorly in terms of remuneration in their chosen field.

I am using this forum to ask the Jamaica Institute of Engineer to draft a document on the merits of this 360MW project and provide the public with their considered view on the following :

  1. The feasibility of the project.
  2. The estimated the time the project would take to be completed.
  3. The track record of the company(EWI) based on  project previously undertaken.
  4. The ability of the company to execute the project.
  5. The ability of the company to deliver energy cost at US$0.20 per KWH or the price they ( the JIE) believes the company would be able to generate electricity at.
  6. The ability of the preferred to deliver fuel (LNG) and the estimated prices out of Asia delivered to Jamaica.
  7. The state of the LNG business in terms of where prices are and where its trending.
  8. The impact of fuel pricing (LNG) on the ability of EWI to deliver electricity at the stated price.
  9. The planned changes being made in respect of the project ie two plants, one at Bogue and one in Kingston vs one plant , what are the implications of this proposed change.


In addition I would like to hear from the JIE on the proposed coal powered electricity plant being proposed for Goat Island.

The engineering community needs to step out now and provide the public with credible information from a technical standpoint and in so doing clear up some of the misconceptions that currently exist.

If engineering is to gain the respect of the Jamaican public, then people must begin to see engineers as persons who are helping to not only change the future of Jamaica by virtue of what they do, but by being visible. ( Speaking adds to visibility, funny ehh)

If we are to change the persona of the engineer from being someone who fixes stuff ie a mechanic  as some people see Mechanical Engineers or an electricians who repairs electrical and electronic stuff as people see Electrical Engineers, then it requires that the engineering community voices must be heard.

Over to the JIE .

Any engineer reading this should pass it on. 🙂





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  1. Was I expecting the JIE to break its silence, then that may have been expecting a a lot.

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