Kern Spencer for party leader and Prime Minister of Jamaica !

It would seem to me that whenever a member of the PNP is involved or said to be involved in corruption, not only do they get away with it, but they are always rewarded by the party.

I see Kern Spencer running for his former seat at the next election and busting the tail of Pryce in the process .( maybe I should not use the word tail 🙂 )

I see Kern Spencer being  rewarded not with a Junior Minister position but will become a full minister in a future PNP government and could eventually go on to become party leader and Prime Minster of  Jamaica.

It is not as far-fetched an idea as many would think, as precedence has been set in the PNP and Jamaica and given the ability of Jamaicans to look beyond the sins of the PNP minister, Kern could become the Prime Minister of this country.

The PNP as a party that supports corruption, the people of Jamaica for the most part supports and engage in corruption particularly when the PNP is power, so naturally should Kern have the desire to become party leader and Prime Minister he could easily get to that position, without having to worry about character assassination, as the media and the public would have long forgotten about what happened a few years back.

Kern for Prime Minister of a corrupt Jamaica.



4 Responses

  1. Watch Impact and listen to the delusional Star Bwoy.

  2. Jay, the pnp is making a mess of government bodies, from Tpdco to the Haj and everyone seems to be interested in giving a contract to their friends. But we shouldn’t be surprised because Patterson once appointed a woman to an ambassadorial position after she was arrested for smuggling ganja into prison. She was the ambassador for children

    • So what is the name of this woman? If you are going to make certain claims, it should be supported by the relevant factual data. This is not the first time you have alluded to this “woman”. Stop being a wuss and start calling names since you are so confident in the information you have at your disposal.

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