Are there “practising” Seventh Day Adventist living in USA, Canada and Europe ?

Jamaica is one of those country’s where nothing seems to get done despite years of talking, discussions, meeting, reviews, reports etc etc etc

Let’s look at flexi week for example, which is something that has been on the table now for close to 15 years, how close are we to getting flexi week in place.

The church especially the Seventh Day Adventist appears to be strongly opposed to the idea of a flexi-week , as according to them, the right to worship may be under threat.  Jamaica is a country where the productivity levels are very low, 16 hrs out of every day is not used for productive means, we borrow at an alarming rate and is unable to properly compensate our workers or pay back the loans we have borrowed.

Given the opposition from the church groups, I am left to wonder what happens in the developed countries in Europe, Canada  and the United States of America, where many Jamaicans want to go if given the opportunity to do so.

Are there practising Seventh Day Adventist and other christian groups living in these countries and if the answer is yes, how to they manage given the fact that in these places, businesses never really close.

Jamaicans have no problem taking money from people who are willing to work 7 days per weeks, 24 hrs per day and 365 days per year to enrich and develop their country, but we in this country are unwilling to do the same because of our religious beliefs.

I want all those bleeding hearts to tell me how much better of Jamaica is today for all the churches we have in the this country and our strong religious culture ?

We murder each other at an unprecedented rate despite the fact that we have the most churches per square mile, than any other country on the planet.

Why has the church not had the impact it believes it should have on the way we live and treat each others in this country, or is not that their focus ?

Instead of fighting to have a day set aside for worship as a high priority, maybe what the Seventh Day Adventist and others should be doing,  is to find a way to teach Jamaicans the issues of right and wrong, morality, ethics and how to love and care for each other.

Before Jamaica became as murderous as how it is today, values ethics were important, the community would look out for each other and people would share what they had with each other vs trying to steal what the other persons have.

The church has lost its direction and focus and is fighting the wrong battles and this is part of the reason we are where we are today.

Quit the bellyaching about “our members” must be given their Sat or Sunday off, focus instead on telling helping people to learn to live with each other and you will find, your impact will be far reaching.

The church has partly contributed to the poverty stricken position we find ourself in today and a hungry man will not go to church to be filled with the holy spirit, he will instead break in your house while you are at church looking for food, because he is of the belief you have something he does not and he is not prepared to die of hungry, if he strongly believes you have an abundance of food in your house.

The church has too often preached that ” its easier for a camel to go through a needle eye, than for a rich man to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven”. What this does is allow practising members to believe its ok to be poor and to become rich is sinful.

The church needs to stop this and instead, teach persons that to become rich does not necessarily  mean loss of values, ethics , morality and you need to trample on others in order to achieve richness.

If you are poor you are not in a position to take care of your family and do the things you need to do and there is a great chance you will do what is wrong in order to ” put food on the table”.

Let’s get the flexi week bill passed and stop the foot dragging !

We cannot get a damn thing done is this country without every Tom, Dick and Harry giving a reason why it should not be done.

Enough is Enough.

PS. I do not have a problem with religion, what I have a problem with is the hypocrisy that exist in this country disguised as something else.


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