Another Comrade gets a chance to ” eat a big food”

Former Governor of the Bank of Jamaica, Derick Latibeaudiere, has been appointed chairman of a new-look board of directors of the Housing Agency of Jamaica (HAJ).


When the PNP leaves office, the public sector will be completely filled with comrades, who will give any other government living “hell” .

How much longer are we going to allow our country to be operated like a “Club” ?

Is it that no other person exist in Jamaica who could fill this position, is this what the Minister is suggesting ?



6 Responses

  1. Professor Alvin Wint, Professor of International Business at UWI was recently appointed a Commissioners of Electoral Commission of Jamaica (ECJ) [along with retired Justice Karl Harrison]. Is he a Comrade also? I seriously doubt that. Is he eating a big food? Nominated members of the ECJ earn just over $8 million per year to sit on the commission. Now, very few Jamaicans make that type of salary working FULLTIME for any GOJ or private sector job. Imagine making over $8 million for a position that requires not even 8 hours of you time per month.

    My guess is that since you cannot show any PNP links to Wint and Harrison, you conveniently shy away from making equally silly statements similar to those made above. You like pick on Comrades….right?

    • Tsk Tsk Tsk,

      Choosing a comrade as one of the ECJ Commissioners outside the parties selected representatives( nominated members) would not have been a wise move Wayne Jnr..

      It’s as simple as that, but if the PNP could have done so, they would have done it.

      The ECJ has to be as impartial as possible, which is the reason one the former Chairman who choose to accept the PNP award, had no choice but to give up his job as Chairman,

      If more comrades could be placed at the ECJ, they would have been..

      • Jay, you are correct. The former president of the JTA is now the president of the Southern Regional health authority. The pnp is only interested in the welfare of its members but unfortunately some people don’t realize it.

  2. Team Latti and Run wid it have contributed significantly to the pauperization of the Country. These two should have been “retired” a long time ago in Jamaica’s interest.

  3. I cannot believe one country that prides itself with having so many “bright” people could allow what is happening in the public sector to happen.

    Is it that we have no pride and ethics no longer matters ??

  4. Board Chairman of a statutory organization is not a paid position.

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