Malaysian Flt 370 Mystery

Well while this story seems like a mystery, here is another mystery for my readers.

2003 Boeing 727-223 disappearance

On 25 May 2003 a Boeing 727-223registered N844AA, was stolen from Quatro de Fevereiro AirportLuandaAngola. Its disappearance prompted a worldwide search by the FBI and the CIA.

Where is N844AA ?

Where is the 777 , FLT  MH  370 ?

What are the similarities between both cases, if any.

Over to the experts.

Interested in flt tracking

2 Responses

  1. The Boeing Flt 727-223 was the subject of the movie ” Chariot” in 2014.
    The Chariot is about a plane which went missing only to turn up later being used by government agents for an experiment.

    Is this the fate of Malaysian Flt 370?

    Is it being held for use later ?

    • Look at that navigation flying objekt TGW2613, What is this? for a flying objekt? It appers on 2014-03-07, at utc22:13 (Flightradar24),Klick on this objekt, and ju will find an extraorninary route for this flying objekt. That objekt has to travel approximatly from messured skale, 160 mil(Swedish Mil) and had doing it in 3 minutes. That flying soursers had therfore an Speed off off 1600000/180 sekends= 8888 meters per sekund. Witch a speed of 32000 Km/ an hour.
      There are several flying objekts, that goes fast, for example KAL762, and others.Surch and ju will find. Go in Flashradar24, and you will find.. My wonder is if the CIA has Hacked this plane?and setting it off his regular destination? Why is FBI involved in this?And why is it proved that this plane was going to the South Pasiffic? I will see the dokuments of that. I think ( the reel responsibles) off that,never comes to give us,the population of this world, the fully truth, off what really happends. Thats my opinion. (Excuse me for my bad English.

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