Trinidad’s Prime Minister to give a comprehensive report on her China trip later this week

In keeping with how good governance is supposed to be, the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, who returned from China yesterday, said the China trip was very good and promised to give a comprehensive report to the nation and a post cabinet press conference to be held this Thursday, March 6, 2014.

See the difference in leadership between our female Prime Minister in Jamaica and the female Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago. Without any promoting or questions being tabled in parliament weeks before, the Trinidadian Prime Minister  thought it was appropriate to speak with the people via reporters and provide a report on her recent trip.

Our Prime Minister has not attended a post cabinet press conference is almost two years and has consistently resisted any attempts by the public and the opposition to get any decent report out of the many trips she went on last year.

Many PNP apologist want to make it appear that people like me are classicist and use other words to describe us as we continue to “beg” for proper governance.

I want them to answer this question, why the PM of Trinidad is willing to provide a report just 3 days after her return without being prompted to do so, while in Jamaica our Prime Minister refuses to provide any such report and the people of Jamaica are as happy as a lark with this type of attitude.

Is this part of the reason Trinidad is so far ahead of Jamaica in terms of accountability and economic development.

Don’t tell me its the Oil, because given our level of leadership and management of this country, if we had oil we would have been like Nigeria, where we would have a few very rich people , while the rest of us, would be puncturing the fuel lines to “eat a food”.

A dat me seh !



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  1. Our PM do not have time to put her report together. All we can hear is about the grant for the schools. We could have gotten that without her visit, I am sure.

    Anyway, that is the difference between competence and incompetence; bright and dunce…

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