You get what you accept !

You accept mediocrity, you get mediocrity

You accept crime and violence disguised as free speech, you get crime and violence in real life

You accept incompetence in leadership, you get incompetence in leadership

You accept the fact that hard life is a feature of Jamaica, you get hard life as a feature in Jamaica

You accept corruption as a way of life, you get corruption

You accept that links run Jamaica, then links naturally run Jamaica

You accept the fact that man must eat a food, any food, then you  get man must eat a food

You refuse to demand accountability, you don’t get accountability

We accept the social divide must be maintained,  you get a sustained social divide.

We accept that high taxes without accountability, we get high taxes and no accountability

We accept high bank fees, we get high bank fees

We demand high performance in sports, we mostly get high performance is sports.

Jamaica is where it is today because, Jamaicans accept this.


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