Will divine intervention really work ?

There is the feeling that Jamaica needs Jesus/God/Jehovah/Yahweh today to solve the very serious crime problem facing the country.

There is a feeling that the country needs divine intervention to curtail the wanton slaughter of our people by the security forces as well as by criminal elements in the country.

My question is what do these folks mean by divine intervention and what form are we expecting to see this ?

Now before you go think I am an atheist nothing could be further from the truth instead I want people to be objective and practical.

Let me give you an example of how misguided people can be when it comes unto dealing with things of a devine nature. When I was attending school, there was one person who was a christian in my class who would not dedicate enough time to studying and instead saying the lord will help her along the way and ensured that as a practisng christian, she would be successful in her exam. Predictably she failed miserable and then wondered how come this was allowed to happened and that the lord has failed her.

The fact is the lord provided everything she need, he provided the school, the teacher, the books and he made sure that time was available for her to get the job done. All she needed to provide was the time to study her books but she could not afford to do that.

The moral of the story is the lord provides all we need, it’s just for us to act using all that he has already provided.

No divine intervention in the form that some people think is going to solve the problem, the problems with crime and violence were created by man here in Jamaica and it will take man given all he lord has already provided to solve the problem.

One wise man once said ” You cannot solve the problem of today by using the same methods that were used to create them in the first place”, that man was Albert Einstein . I will  modify what Einstein said as follows ” We cannot solve the problems  in Jamaica, by using the same people, using the same methods that they used to create them in the first place”.

Jamaica has a political problem and one that can only be solved when the 2.7m people in Jamaica and the 2.5m living outside of Jamaica believes is now time to solve that particular problem.

I would like someone to name me a single problem similar to what we have that has not been solved in some other country and don’t include those having civil war.

I will begin by naming just two places that had major problems in 1980’s and 1990’s and today no such problems.

1. New York City –  USAThis was like the murder capital of the USA and many Jamaicans would have never wanted to go to places like Bronxx, Brooklyn  and Queens it was bad, in fact it was very bad. Today the city has been cleaned up and is not crime infested as it used to be and is the financial capital of the world. How did they do it and why ?

2. Bogota – Columbia . This city in the 1990’s had the highest per capita murder rate in the world. Look where it is today , how did it get there and why??

Until the people of Jamaica thinks we have had enough of the 62 members on the government side of the bench, those in opposition, those corrupt members of the private sector and the security forces and those with anti-social behaviour, then we will continue to bawl out and pray and wonder they the lord does not appear to be answering our prayers.



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