Portia Simpson Miller promised accountability but fails to deliver on this promise.

Portia Simpson Miller inauguration speech, Jan 6, 2012

Skip to 8:13 to get rid of all the protocol stuff.


This is what you call a promise is a comfort to fools.

How much longer are we going to accept lack of accountability from the PM and her team ?


6 Responses

  1. Those were just mere words written on a piece of paper. I knew that accountability and transparency would be the last the thing that her administration would be about.

    You only have to look at recent history to realize this. When the Trafigura scandal broke out in 2006, it took the prime minister nearly one month to say anything about it. When she was pressed for a comment by a reporter she made her now famous remark “don’t ask me ask the PNP”. Was this the person whom Jamaica thought would lead a transparent and accountable government?

    Most of us are just so in love with the ideas of the PNP philosophy that we often overlook the competency and integrity of the party’s current politicians and where the country is heading under their stewardship.

  2. Elections are due in 3 years time. Are you going to spend 5 years of your life wondering why Portia whip Andrew ?

    • It should more than just voting at election time. It must be that every citizen hold the government of the day responsible for doing what they promised on the campaign trail. Because if we don’t because we are born JLP or PNP the politicians will not be inclined to do better.

  3. We need fairness on reporting on the accountability , corruption and destruction of this isalnd by political parties. Those of us who are benefitting by blasting the PNP needs to blast also the JLP. Thank God many poor people and middle class have neverr benefitted from stipends, contract, jobs in the embassies and connections but by their hard sweat and tears, their academic achievements ,their business skills and the support of remitances. On the corollary many have to tell God at judgement how they benefitted from taxpayers money and by being stooges of the rich and even the leftist regimes to buy their homes, entertain themselves , boast on their neighbours and displayed their despotic sonbbery and hegemony at others. There is so much people in this country who make political errors and who I have no respect for . Fact is many of them are so corrupt , they make Nigrerian corruption look like a kindergarten affairs. Many of u shave seen it all – the drugs invading our beloved country to fight thhe 1980 election, the chasing away of our genteel middle class, the trampling on the black masses, the inflow of guns into the ghetto and into middle class areas. They have turned areas like Greenwich Town into a ghetto from a lower middle class for their political hegemony. And they made criminals , diunces control the country by heir donmanship. Why did we not stand up to Dudus, Tony Welsh, Jim Brown , Starkey and the rest. No , as when you can scared the hell out of people with your political criminal henchman you are assured of your votes. The last two good politician were Sheraer and Norman Manley. Only they were willing not to tear the country in part for political benefits. Only Shearer and Noramn understood that race , colour, class, ethicitity, economics, politics , and money were a lethal postcolonial mix , deadly enough to blow up like a nuclear bomb and could manage by their moderate views and gentle nature. All the rest were rabid dividers and opportunists.

    I witnessed an even that let me detest politicians. As a boy of six years old Bustamante came to St.Ann and said he has not eaten since morning. I knew tha was a damn lie, becaus ehe had overnight at the cases home who were big time tobaacco farmers for Machado tobacco companies. Bust a then took out an aged dumpling from his pocket with a piece of cod fish and said that is all he had to eat.. Our poor masses , lacking the education that could make them discern shouted, “the chief understand hunger.” What happen next is that Busta secured the votes for the Gallimores for more than 40 years. To day, the greates bauxite producing area oof Jamaica has not received a NHT housing scheme, piped water nor telephone. In all fairness though Neville Gallimore provided electricity to many vilages but that is and was not enough for communities which paid the price for contributing heavily to 30 plus yeras of GDP.

    mix which if not managed properly could Jamaicns are not stupid and the next genrral election wiill not see more tahn 50% turmout.

    • You have said a lot, and to go forward we need to deal with the matter on hand. The government needs to be transparent and be held accountable. Last year they said that no agreement have been reached regarding the Goat Islands, only to hear from the Port Authority that the government will go ahead with the Goat Islands for the logistic hub.

      They knew this from last year but were just playing games with us to give the impression that the cabinet was going deliberate on this proposal from the Chinese.

      Our media, private sector and the country on a whole seem to have bought into the idea that this logistic hub is our last chance for economic salvation.

      I have no confidence in our government getting the best deal for us in acceding to the Chinese the Goat Islands. Firstly, we have a bad track record in contractual agreements with foreign entities. Secondly, we are desperate and the Chinese knows this thus giving them the upper in the negotiations.

  4. Jamaicans have the tendency to too often equate criticism with a personal dislike or a like for one thing or the other. We also too often want to justify one wrong by pointing to the ills of the other, but if we only spend a minute we see how foolish that can be.

    Case in point (sorry to do this but it makes a strong point), a 17 month old child is killed by criminals from one community. Criminals from that community now goes into the other community from where it’s alleged the criminals came from to ” kill a child” as for that that would only be fair.

    Look to our politics, I am a fierce critic of the government in power today ie the PNP and there are folks, who are saying I must balance the thing by being critical of similar things that we done in the past, which are reflective of what is being done today.

    Now how different is those who say this from the thought process of those criminals who thing you must balance the thing, but doing what others have done?

    We don’t think so because as far as we are concerned its different, right ?

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