Its time to fire the commissioner of police, or he should resign.

Three weeks ago an alleged former gang leader said hundreds of bodies were buried in a site in the harbour view river bed called crushers.  Most well thinking Jamaicans thought the cops would make haste to secure the area and start the following day to search for signs of human remains, but how wrong could we be.

One week passed and nothing happened, two weeks passed and still nothing and then well into the third week we have this.  ( See my post on this  @

THE police on Saturday denied the existence of a mass burial site in East Kingston, saying that its “intensive investigations” and “days of thorough searches” yielded no human remains.

“After the article was published, the Police High Command instructed senior detectives of the Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB) to carry out an intensive investigation into the allegations, employing assets from the Forensic Scenes of Crime and the Canine Divisions,” the Corporate Communications Unit said.

“With the assistance of the ‘former gang member’, the police were able to locate the ‘sites’. And after days of thorough searches, assisted by highly trained cadaver dogs, the lawmen were only able to find the body of a decomposing dog that was recently dumped in the area,” the police release said

However, the police neglected to say in its release that its search of the site was conducted only one day — last Friday in the company of the Observer and the former gangster.

So after INTENSIVE INVESTIGATIONS and DAYS of THROUGH SEARCHES , no bodies were found.

Note the tools used to search a site where the former gang member said bodies were buried with the aid of heavy duty equipment. A piece of stick and a machete.

Cops use a pick axe to search for bodies presumably buried with heavy duty earth moving equipment.

I hereby call on the Commissioner of Police to relieve the Assistant Commissioner in charge of crime and if he fails to do so, then he himself should resign of be fired.

This is beyond EMBARRASSMENT !

The Commissioner of Police should be embarrassed at what took place here as obviously the senior detectives under his command either ignored his demand for a full an intensive investigation or he failed to properly direct his men.


Courtesy Jamaica Observer




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