IMF looking for even more devaluation !

As the Government and many Jamaicans celebrate the passing of our third straight IMF test, the IMF is hinting that the Jamaica dollar is still overvalued and even more devaluation would be expected to make the Jamaica dollar more competitive. The IMF  says they were pleased to see how far and how fast the dollar had devalued and was looking for even more.

Every Jamaica knows the pian that comes from devaluation of the dollar in terms of price increase and making our lives harder, but the PNP is committed and stand ready to do what is required to ensure we can get our hands on even more IMF money

At the end of this IMF agreement Jamaicans would have owed the IMF even more money, there would have been little or no growth and the PNP would have created a new cohort of poor people who will become party supporters and with a few dollars in hand and food in the belly and a promise of loving the poor, will return the PNP to power in 2016.

Another Robert Pickergill fine achievement  !


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