Portia is losing it ?

The Jamaica Prime Minister, the Hon Portia Simpson Miller appears to be losing it,  as she struggled to provide a coherent set of response to so very basic question, that she should be  able to answer quite easily had she know her subject.

Weeks ago the opposition JLP tabled a few questions in the house regarding the cost of the trips made by members of this Government since they came into office two years ago. Now on Tuesday, Feb 11, 2014 the Prime Minister walked into the house with a few copies of a 61 page report and handed it to a few members of the house ( I guess they are cutting cost on paper).

The PM then proceeded to give partial answer as was written on the document she was presented with  and in so doing providing cost of her trip only and NOT the cost of the delegation that escorted her on those trips. As I listen I recognized that the Prime Minister had not come prepared to respond to all the questions asked, after being given over 5 weeks to provide such answer.

Not satisfied with her failed attempt to answer the simple questions, the opposition leader decided to press the PM for complete answers to which she retorted ” When I take personal trips I pay for those trips”. I was floored by the puerile response of the PM as no one asked about her personal trips, who gives a rats ass about those, the interest was always in the trips made using taxpayers money. So here we have the PM responding to a question that was not asked , while failing to provide answers to the real question

Having seen the Prime Minister feathers being ruffled Government rushed to her defence to protect her and in so doing displayed one of the most disgraceful behaviour ever witnessed in Gordon House for a long time, while the Prime Minister did nothing to control errant members on her side.

The Prime Minister continue to provide jumbled and half response to the onslaught by the Opposition leader as he sought to get answers out of the Prime Minister, which she either refused to provide or did not  know the answers to the various questions being asked.

It’s absolutely unforgiving that a Prime Minister could have made 25 overseas trips in 2 years and not once has she as CEO provided a full report to parliament on the intent of the trips and the expected output from these 25 trips.

The Prime Minister continues to behave as if she and her government should not provide answers to the various questions that are required by the people of Jamaica and seeks to suggest the only reason the questions are being asked is because its “Portia” and the same questions would not have been asked of another Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister insecurity in the position she occupies continues to affect the way she operates and none of us are able to assist her in that regard and her continued attempt to paint those questioning her performance as attacking her is really unfortunate.

Portia is really losing it.

Wanted a real Prime Minister and leader.


8 Responses

  1. She never had it in the first place. The comrades hero worshipping of her is downright sickening.

  2. Although I agree with you on everything you say, you would not appear to be an activist , wel paid by the JLP if you also commented on former PM shearer racism, Seagas connection with the John Birch society the most rabid racist organisation in Jamaica and the Andrew $300 m,illion house. The people of this country get f@#ked by both Labour pary and PNP. 40 years of Labourite in SW Ann and to date although providing Jaamica with the most bauxite we do not have a housing scheme neither running water. Be a f@#ing man , you homosexual and comment on these. Yu cannot f@#8ing sue me cause Labour party lives off rasist and white people financing.

    • Mr.Winston Donald, the John Birch Society is actually an American political group that has admitted black people in the past. Jay already commented on the 300 million dollar house, furthermore the pnp is in power, so why should Jay highlight past wrongs of any previous administration when they are alredy known. Jay is indeed a man

    • This is what is wrong with PNP supporters. Why are you calling the man a homosexual for not commenting on people who are not in power? And the said white racist people you claimed finance the JLP are the same ones this PNP government is begging for assistance.

      Why don’t you comment on after 51+ years of independence we are still a third world, bowl in hand begging and pauperize country.

      • Calsonic does not tell the truth. He is a JLP political activist, a card carrying member of the green party. He is also an enemy of the state. He will be on the first flight out of Jamaica when the JLP suffers another beating at the polls. Calsonic should take JayJayBrown with him. Labourites such as Calsonic, JayJayBrown, Lipton “Right Wingnut” Matthews should charter a Flight and leave PNP country alone.

        • This is the problem with people like you Jeff, you put the pnp over your country. There is no such thing as a pnp country, no party has the right to own Jamaica and this is why previous pnp administrations have disrespected the people because you people have no respect for yourselves. Rightwing nuts can actually have debates without using incendiary rhetoric.

    • You sound like you are indeed losing it. I see you appear to spend a lot of time emulatiing the party leader .
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    • @ Winston Donald,

      This blog has been known to be one that allows
      great discourse, which gets heated at times but is generally civil in nature.

      Your foul language on the blog is something we rarely see due to very informed and intelligent nature of the discussion.

      I would therefore urge you to refrain from using foul language on the board and try to keep the discourse at the very high level this blog is known to maintain.

      We do not entertain the kind of behaviour we see on the PNP side of the bench in Gordon House and would encourage you to join them on that side, with the boorish attitude you displayed in that last commentary.

      I know its hard for you guys to keep it together especially seeing that your party leader is a failure, but I strive to maintain a decent blog and would therefore encourage you to work a little harder to be civil, it would be welcomed.

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