Energy Monitoring Committee shares Commonsenseja concerns on EWI due diligence

The concerns of the EMC as it relates to the due diligence done on EWC/EWI mirrors those expressed by Commonsenseja in the following article

Here is what they have to say after reading the due diligence report submitted to them by the OUR ( Note commonsenseja did not see the official copy of that report, instead we conducted our own research and presented our own finding)

CO-CHAIR of the Energy Monitoring Committee (EMC), Dr Carlton Davis, said yesterday he was hoping Phillip Paulwell, the energy minister, would provide answers to some critical issues relating to the 360-megawatt power plant project when he meets with the committee tomorrow.

He told The Gleaner that the core issues concerning the committee at this point relate to financing and logistics.

“Since the thing is based on natural gas, it is the issue of getting it here and having to convert it here from liquified natural gas to natural gas, and then being able to meet that schedule of what construction has to be done here in respect of the gas and what construction has to be done in respect of the generating plant,” Davis told The Gleaner.


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  1. Jay, you have been doing a great job dissecting the crap that has been fed to the general public and it is quite obvious that it has made a significant difference in highlighting the ineptitude and corrupt nature of mainstream journalism. Are we to believe that Carlton Davis has been outside the loop?

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