Disgraceful ! One week after the Jamaica Observer expose` in Harbour View cops are yet to investigate the claims

I was fearful that the Jamaican police and specifically those with responsibility for East Kingston, would have done nothing to investigate the claims of murder and burial of bodies over at Harbour View. That fear has now been confirmed with a sort of follow-up done by the Jamaica Observer and printed today, Sunday, February 2, 2014.

Regarding claims by a former gangster that people had been killed and their bodies buried in sections of the Hope River over the years, Brown said that he had no information on that.

“When the matter surfaced last week it was the first time that it had come to our attention,” Brown told the Sunday Observer in an interview Friday.

“We know that persons were killed in the area, but bodies were found. I cannot speak to bodies being buried. I have no information or confirmation that is happening. If it is so, persons who have information, we would want them to come to the police to give us that information so that we can move forward with our investigations,” Brown said.

So after one week, the commanding officer. who is supposed to be leading a group of police including investigators have done NOTHING to investigate the claims and is instead asking for the person who made the allegations to the Jamaica Observer, to come in and talk with the  cops, give me a freaking break.

Are the cops only interested in shooting and care not about conducting investigations of claims made. Folks this claim was of over 100 Jamaicans that may have possibly been murdered and buried and all the Commanding Officer can say is ” it’s the first time he has heard of these claims”. Well I’d be damned if her had heard about them before and did nothing. He has heard now and what has he done, not a damn thing !

Mr Owen Ellington and the Minister of National Security owes the people of Jamaican an explanation as to why nothing has been done to investigate these claims.

The police are there now, not before but after the Jamaica Observer expose and reports are the gang members have fled, yeah , yeah, yeah. The cops will soon leave and the gang members will return to continue carrying  on from where they left off.

This is the classic Jamaican policing for you and is the main reason we are not able to solve crimes.

This is an utter disgrace and I am horrified that civil society has reminded silent on what is potentially the biggest case of mass murder and burial ever in the history of Jamaica !



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