Where on earth will EWI get the money to build the 360MW power plant?

EWC the parent company has total market capitalization of just about US$656 and yet they here planning to build a power plant cost over US$700M, which is greater than the total capitalization of the entire group.

The Jamaica Energy Minister however seems prepared to moved forward with EWC, when there is still no clear indication on how EWI will successfully finance the project.

Mr Paulwell can you indicate whether or not it’s true that the Jamaican Government has been having discussions with China to assist with the financing of the project given that EWC has had major problems in the past to finance their projects.

Over to you Mr Paulwell


2 Responses

  1. Opposition is starting to ask questions and no answers coming.

  2. What is the purpose of the Energy Monitoring Committee , they too are in the dark and are as uninformed as the rest of us.

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