Why has EWC failed to inform the ASX of the Jamaican 360MW Project ?

Up to yesterday the Australian Stock Exchange ASX have not been informed about EWC which is the parent company of EWI, about the pending material change as it relates to the undertaking of a near US$700M project here in Jamaica.

EWC is a publicly listed company and matters of this nature must be reported, so why has EWC failed to provide that information thus far ?


3 Responses

  1. EWC website has no mention of it also. Most viable corporations will list such a “significant” investment on their corporate websites.


    The link to their news takes you back to the ASX website and there is nothing listed. Hmmmmm, makes you think, what is going on here???


    Also, just looking at the charts, prices and volume of trading for this company I am not sure about their viability. Just look at the stock price. Maybe I am reading it wrong. See 6 month chart below.


  2. I found this article on BNAMERICAS that mentions the EWI contract, does not mention EWC, the parent of EWI.


    This article on yahoo finance I think sums it up about EWC..”In 2012, the share price fell 47%, amid concerns that the company has nothing to show for the capital it has raised since 1997″


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