No word from the police high command or the Minister on alleged burial site at Harbour View

The Sunday Observer gave a chilling account of murders and burial of bodies somewhere in Harbour View, where according to the reports over 100 bodies could have been buried.
Online readers express outage in the observer blog and called for the cops to immediately investigate these claims.

Its now four days since that report was done and I have not yet heard a word from the Commissioner of Police or the Minister of National Security or civil society groups on these claims, which if are true, would be the single largest gang based mass burial site in Jamaica.

The silence from both men and even members of the government and the opposition is frightening. One would have imagined that the Minister of National Security and the COP would have a personal interest in this case and move quickly to secure the site and immediately begin excavation work to determine if the claims were true, at least as a start.

I am stunned that the country can be so passive about what I consider to be a national emergency issue and the “its like it does not matter” approach that we seem to have adopted.

If over 100 persons could have been murdered and buried in this area, it would seem to indicate that this gang is probably the “wickedest” gang in Jamaica and the fact that the could operate for so long is an indictment on the people of Jamaica.

What is the intention of the police as it relates to this case ?
The COP was quick to claim that his men were not members of any death squads, but when presented with possible evidence of a death squad in harbour view, he has been “noisely” silent.

Mr Ellington over to you sir!


3 Responses

  1. Frightening indeed. I get the impression that the JCF loves when cases are gift wrapped for them to prevent it from doing the heavy lifting.

  2. Its a joke jay. If this type of thing made news in the U.S. it would be a different story. I cant understand why not even the writer of the article following it up urgently.

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