Portia no longer thinks “Fiscal targets cannot eat and people cannot sleep on balance sheet”

DEC 21, 2011

“That is why they have no intention of while trying to balance the books, balance peoples’ lives as well. Fiscal targets cannot eat and people cannot sleep on balance sheet.

“So, while they are balancing the books and looking at the fiscal targets, they need to put the people of Jamaica at the heart and the centre of government and governance,” Simpson Miller said. ( She was opposition leader at the time).

I wonder what Portia Simpson Miller and her apologist have to say about the above two statements made December 2011.

Today we find ourselves in the very same position, where the PNP administration is pushing to meeting IMF fiscal target and the population is suffering in the process.

Jamaican voters are fool fool indeed !

Madame PM are  you placing Jamaicans at the heart of governance and government or are you focused on meeting fiscal targets set by the IMF?

Jamaican voters are fool fool indeed , always missing the big picture and “majoring” in minors.

Jamaica voters needs an education is commonsense and must be taught the ability to reason things out and make better decisions. This experiment with the PNP has been nothing but a disaster, which we will pay for ( those who choose to remain) in the very near future !


4 Responses

  1. Dr Phillips was yesterday in the house boasting that all fiscal targets and we were well on our way to passing the third IMF Test.

    All this at the expense of the masses but the Prime Minister no longer thinks ” Fiscal targets cannot eat and people cannot sleep o balance sheet”.

  2. I couldn’t bear to listen to Dr. Phillips in parliament yesterday. His arrogant and condescending tone and the on cue desk banging made me sick to the stomach. Here we have these people boasting in parliament as if all is well and the economy and crime is the rival of Singapore.

    • The country right behind ( at least the public figures) suggesting he is doing a good job.

      I am truly sorry for the majority of Jamaicans

  3. Once again, Jay’s elephant memory is at work and his insight is amazing !

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