Is the harbour view river bed now a crime scene ?

Its now been 24hrs since that chilling Jamaica Observer story about the killings fields and mass burial spot located in a place call crusher and said to be located in harbour view.

In first world countries, before the day ended on sunday, the place would have been sealed off and law enforcement would be crawling over the place inch by inch with dogs, shovels, body bags, plastic bags and everything else that is required to determine if their are bodies hidden in that area.

The area would be off limits to everyone but law enforcement officials from yesterday afternoon and would  remain so until every square inch has been covered and every minute piece of evidence gathered that could help determine the veracity of the story.

In a country like Jamaica, we express disgust having read the story and we vent for a few hours, but then its back to business ” No problem mon”.

The Jamaica Observer story if it correct and given that I know for a fact that some sections are correct, provides enough proof that in this country, we are NOT serious solving crime.

According to the informant, the cop killed in Harbour View was done by criminal gangs located in the area and yet the cops have not been able to solve that murder almost a year later. Now tell can we really say we are serious about crime fighting ?

When will the digging commence in Harbour view  Mr Commissioner and when will the entire team and Rockfort and Harbour View be transferred including the commanding officer for East Kingston ?

I am sure we will get a report from CCN along  these lines before the end of today.

” The JCF has been made aware of a report a local newspaper about mass burial at a site located on harbour view and the allegedly involvement of rogue members of the JCF. The high command wishes to inform the public, that we have no such official reports, but we will be carrying out intensive investigation to determine the veracity of this story. In order to aid the investigation, we are asking that ex-gangster who was featured in the article to come into the police so we can conduct an interview and gather any additional information that can assist our investigation.

The police high command would like to assure this young man that we will offer him the highest level of protection for himself and his family, while we conduct a through investigation into his claims.

We want the public to be assured that no stones will be left unturned as we carry out our investigation into these claims and will keep the public informed as much as we can about the progress of our investigation.

We urge any other member of the harbour view community and others with information to come in so we can collect the necessary statements, which can go a far way in assisting our investigation.”



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