JCF Special report on the link between crime and the police. Mass burial site in Harbour View ?

The JCF special branch in the legal department, recently prepared a report, which tried to establish a link between criminality and schools. I am suggesting that in light of a damning report in the Jamaica Sunday Observer of January 26, 2014, the police need to conduct a study to determine the link between criminal gangs in Jamaica and the police.

Focus should be on East Kingston, Central Kingston and Spanishtown.

Today’s Observer report gave a shocking account of what is said to be police involvement in killings and cover up to go along with these killings as well as an unwillingness to take any sort of action. Here are some accounts as reported in the Observer.

A stunning claim has been made by a former gang member in the eastern belt of the Jamaica capital, that men in the criminal underworld, often assisted by rogue policemen, have been killing people and burying their bodies in the vicinity of a sand mine.

The practice, according to the man, has been going on for “whole heap a years”, and is carried out by individuals who are based between the East Kingston community of Rockfort, and the adjoining Harbour View in East Rural St Andrew

“Is nearly 100 bodies buried in the river bed. Dem usually use the big tractor dem, but sometimes when the tractors not there, dem use shovel,” the man said.

According to the informant, most of the criminal activities are carried out by members of the ‘Mad Ants Crew’, which has since changed its name to ‘Bay Shore’.

“Things got bad when some youth got guns from overseas (through a now imprisoned Don), and they got unruly and started to rob people and rape the women. Eventually, they got another set of youth to get rid of the first set a youth dem, by sending a vanload of guns to wipe dem out.

“When they are going to step out and do a thing at night time, the police would pass through first. A certain set of police would go with the men and make sure things allright.

“When certain shipment of drugs coming out or going in, police escort it. They set up roadblocks … nutten can’t pass, especially on the airport road, and then dem let it go.

“In the process, the youth dem who dem get to wipe out the first set, start get unruly, so that’s how dem started to organise and kill dem and bury dem at the place called Crusher, up past the gypsum site, the same place that PreMix used to run,” the former gangster said.



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