Police to wear body cameras to ” protect themselves”.

Peter Bunting is a great banker, he is definitely good and numbers and he knows how to make money, give the man credit where it due.  Peter Bunting however is one of the worst security ministers ever to hold this portfolio.

Peter Bunting appears to be looking at the murder graph upside down as he sought to assure himself that crime is under control and murder is down, despite the fact that murder is up.

In seeking to arrive at that conclusion, Peter Bunting has chosen to begin looking at the Crime Fifures for May 2013 and then draw the conclusion that crime is down from May 2013 to now. Peter Bunting being a banker knows that in that industry we only look at each quarter, compare that against that same quarter of the previous year to see where we are, or we compare one quarter vs another quarter in the same year or look at the entire yr and compare that vs the previous yr.

Mr Bunting is therefore being disingenuous is trying to present data that is meaningless in trying to justify his position despite the fact that he is a failing minister.

Now Mr Bunting just had another ” ha ha” moment and is now proposing that cops wear body cameras to “protect themselves”, when the go on operations in volatile communties. The stated intent of this pilot project does not appear to match the problem we are trying to address.

What is the Problem we want to address ?

The problem we have is cops are accused of systematically eliminating many folks especially in the inner city communities and then report that a shootout had a occurred and a firearm was recovered in the process.  Residents 9/10 will challenge the report and suggest that no shootout occurred and that the person killed was murdered by the cops.

What is the solution we were expecting ?

We were looking for a way to protect the citizens from errant cops and hold these cops accounable. We were also looking for a solution that would not result in deaths of innocent citizens everytime they come in contact with the police ie non lethal weapons to subdue suspects, which would not result in loss of life.

What did we get as a possible solution ?

The minister is proposing the use of body cameras to “protect the cop”.

What is the problem with this method ?

There are many issues with this proposal by the Minister and what we will find is we will spend money (more like waste) and not put a dent in the real problem.

Let’s examine what we are likely to see.

  1. These cameras are powered by rechargeable batteries and does not last for ever. This means that at some point in time ( and know the Jamaican cops) and are likely to die just about when the merchants of death springs into operation.
  2. The Minister say the cameras must be turned on before they go into operation, but what is there to ensure that this occurs and what penalty will be forthcoming if the cop “forget” to turn in on prior to the operation?
  3. Is a cop likely to be checking to see if the battery is “dying” or has died before, during or after these police operations and how are we going to verifying his account of why no images were captured.
  4. Will the cops be required to report by the HQ that they are going into an operation and then be asked to turn on the camera. Will these images be stored on the camera, or will they be streamed back to HQ where they are stored on a device, which does not allow for the images to be rewritten or otherwise modified or tampered with?
  5. If not, what will prevent a cop from “killing” a camera and then suggesting is has hit by a round fired by the criminals.
  6. What will be put in place to ensure cameras are properly positioned so the action of the cops are fully captured and its not turned at some obscure angle.
  7. Any evidence picked up by the camera is unlikely to be admitted into court. We do not yet have the laws in place , which allows for the submission of video evidence into court. This means having captured the  required info, it would be of no use unless their is legislation in place to support its use.

This represents what’s wrong with this country, where we have a none performing minister who creates  smoke  and mirror in an attempt to “fool up”  gullible  people of Jamaica.

Why do I have no confidence in any pronoucements by this or any other PNP Cabinet Minister, well let me show you why.

Bunting to consider non-lethal weapons for security force

Feb 2, 2012

SECURITY Minister Peter Bunting says he will be looking to develop the necessary policy on the use of non-lethal weapons for the security forces.

The policy, he said, would be developed as the ministry seeks to reduce the incidents of police-linked fatalities.



Another report a month later

Police to introduce non-lethal weapons

4:58 am, Sat March 24, 2012

The police high command says it’s taking steps to get its members to use non-lethal weapons.

The police high command says it’s made changes changes to its weapons system.

The commissioner says this is aimed at reducing the risk of collateral injury when officers are forced to engage criminals in built up areas.



One year later, we are now talking about body cameras , give me a freakin break.

The problem we have is one of accountability and unless and until we address that issue, nothing will change.

I say disband the entire police force, change the name and start all over again, with existing persons being allowed to reapply and you use this process  to get rid of the merchants of death.



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